Frequently Asked Questions

Remember, these FAQs are meant to provide general information. For specific inquiries or personalized advice, please contact our insurance brokers directly.

What is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a licensed professional who acts as an intermediary between individuals or businesses seeking insurance coverage and insurance companies.

They help clients understand their insurance needs, compare policies from multiple insurers, and assist in selecting the most suitable coverage at the best possible price.

HIFA Insurance is also a full service insurance brokerage providing personal and commercial insurance products.

What types of insurance do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of insurance products, including:

  • Home Insurance: Coverage for your house, personal belongings, and liability protection.
  • Automobile Insurance: Protection for your vehicles against accidents, theft, and damage.
  • Business Insurance: Policies tailored to meet the unique needs of small, medium, and large businesses.
  • Life & Health Insurance: Plans that provide financial security and medical coverage for individuals and families.
  • Group Benefits Plan: For your employees and their families, dental and medical plans. You can also include life, disability and critical illness coverage in these plans.
How do I get a quote for insurance?

Getting a quote is easy! You can fill out our online quote form, call our toll-free number, or send us an email to speak with one of our experienced insurance brokers.

We will gather the necessary information and provide you with a competitive insurance quote tailored to your specific needs.

Do you work with multiple insurance companies?

Yes, we work with a wide network of reputable insurance companies. As independent brokers, we have the flexibility to compare policies and rates from multiple insurers.

This allows us to find the best coverage options and premiums that suit your requirements.

How do I know which insurance policy is right for me?

Our knowledgeable insurance brokers will guide you through the process of selecting the right policy.

We take into account your specific needs, budget, and risk tolerance to recommend the most suitable coverage options. We explain the policy terms and conditions, ensuring you understand what is covered and any limitations or exclusions.

Can I customize my insurance coverage?

Absolutely! We understand that every client has unique insurance requirements.

Our brokers will work closely with you to customize your coverage based on your individual needs. Whether you need additional riders, higher liability limits, or specific endorsements, we can tailor your policy accordingly.

Can I bundle multiple insurance policies together?

Yes, bundling multiple policies with the same insurer can often lead to significant savings. For example, you can combine your home and automobile insurance or include coverage for valuable items, such as jewelry, art, and collectibles.

Our brokers will explore bundling options to help you maximize your savings without compromising on coverage.

How do I file an insurance claim?

In the unfortunate event of a claim, you should file a claim directly with the insurance company.

They will take care of you and process the claim under the terms and conditions of your policy in a timely manner. You can always call us anytime for any consultation during your claim processing.

Can I make changes to my policy after purchasing it?

Yes, you can make changes to your policy during the coverage period. Whether you need to update your address, add or remove coverage, or make adjustments to your policy limits, simply reach out to our brokers, and we will assist you with the necessary modifications.

How often should I review my insurance coverage?

We recommend reviewing your insurance coverage annually or whenever you experience significant life events such as purchasing a new home, getting married, having children, or starting a new business. Regularly assessing your coverage ensures that it remains adequate and up to date with your changing needs.